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March 21, 2012
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10/2500 second
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18 mm
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Mar 19, 2012, 3:40:36 PM
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Name: A Pony Girl’s Homework 2
Location: England
Date: 19/03/12
Camera: Nikon D3000 Digital SLR Camera
Model: My friend Elísa (Short hyperactive Icelandic/Norwegian Female! - Elísa Is Over The Age Of 18)

It’s time for another Pony Girl shoot with my friend Elísa! This time the sun was out and we got her tacked up and grabbed the camera and started to shoot.

We now have a matching back hood with red trim, once again made from Libidex. This new hood matches the rest of the gear and now the tack list is complete.

We thought would do a few photographs which show her head gear, which is the bridle, collar and hood. So we came up with the idea that she would be reading a book, and we chose “The Human Pony” by Rebecca Wilcox. The book by the way is a wonderful guide to pony play, and is well presented and thought out.

Pony Girl Hood
We were thinking about not having a hood but after looking an amazing load of Pony Girl pictures of the latex kind we thought that we didn’t have a hood we would really be missing out on many great photograph moments. I and Elísa had to think about what style of hood and we came up with an open faced latex hood that also covers the chin, its full black and we got it custom made by Libidex, who make the best rubber and latex gear and clothing in England. The hood has a back zip and has a hair guard so that the Elísa’s hair will not get caught up in the zip; the latex is 0.45mm thick. The hood is black with red trim around the hood in a nice Patten which matches the bridle straps and also matches the rest of the pony tack.

Pony Girl Catsuit
This was tricky to design as we wanted coloured seams that would be in keeping with the rest of the costume and tack. Libidex was our answer again and we had them make a black catsuit with red seams, and it looks stunning. The type of catsuit fit and style was paramount as when the tack went on top of the catsuit the red seams of the catsuit needed to line up and match the colours and contours of the pony girl tack. Catsuit was also needed reinforcement areas on the knees, under the arms and backside. Due to the fact that comfort and durability was important the latex is 0.45mm thick. This means it’s a good fit, it’s flexible and strong at the same time. The catsuit also has built in feet as well, and has a three-way back zip fitted as standard.

Pony Girl Harness
This pony girl harness is something that I and Elísa worked and planned for a whole week, lots of draws and e-mailing each other designs and notes and phone calls made this fantastic harness come to life. I and Elísa managed to find the same people who made Pony Girl Anna Rose’s harness and they are also the official suppliers of other world famous Pony Girls! So we asked them to make one for us but a bespoke one. So we ended u with a 100% leather harness, rugged, heavy duty weight and construction, plenty of metal D-Rings for attachments and so on. It’s also adaptable as well so more than one person can wear it, this gives it flexibility for another wearer should I and Elísa want to photograph someone else in it. We also had it made in our colour scheme, so we have an all black pony girl harness with red leather trimming. The contours and shape of the harness complement the shape of the red seams on the catsuit, we really can’t be happier with how this turned out.

Pony Girl Collar
Now you can’t have a Pony Girl without a collar as Elísa pointed out, and didn’t go for half measure, we ordered from the same people we ordered the bespoke pony girl harness from a posture collar. Once again it’s 100% leather and all black with a red leather rim. A posture collar is about 3 Inches wide and limits the wears neck movements and makes the wearer looks straight forwards in a good posture and doesn’t allow the wearer to look down. It’s a little hard core but Elísa said that she didn’t want to look amateurish! As with the pony girl harness this is proper practical tack and has metal D-Rings.

Pony Girl Wrist Cuffs
Again we have ordered these from the same people as the pony girl harness and the collar. They are all black 100% leather with red leather trim, these are heavy duty and again practical and are rugged. They have metal D-Rings as well and like the collar they are strong and well made.

Pony Girl Tail
Elísa collected a lot of Icelandic Pony Hair while she was out and about in Iceland in January 2012. The tail is a mixture of synthetic and real pony hair. This tail slides on to the back though-strap and it looks fantastic.

Pony Girl Bridle
Once again this is made by the same people who supply Anna Rose and GORD. This is a 100% leather bridle (All of our tack is 100% I wish to add), and is very practical indeed as well as looking amazing. It’s fully adjustable and comfortable to wear, the bit like a real bridle and be removed so you can swap bit as you wish or not have a bit at all. The bit can be changed without having to remove the whole bridle, this means the bride can stay on. Also the bridle colour is fully back with only a red leather trim around the blinkers.

©Kyoto Snow Wolf Foto and not for public domain use
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this has got to be the most beautiful picture i have ever seen!
Kitsune--Kami Jul 5, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Wow, thank you very much :)
Hey, Very nice pictures. I want a same restraint for a friends. You tel in your journal you have buy this to "Manufacture: Official supplier for House of Gord's Pony Girls" but i dont see this items in the shop online :-( you have a URL link for me ? Thanks :-x
Kitsune--Kami Jun 24, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
GORD doesn't make the gear we have. They purchase the gear from the people who supply them. Our gear is bespoke and to our specification such as size, colour and style. They have a base model and from that you can customize it to your hearts content. Google "Fantasy Leather" :)
wrong smileys ;-) it's a kiss smiley !
Haustierchen Mar 24, 2012
Haha, great idea! And again I love her fair hair poking out under all the shiny black latex, leather and gleaming steel...mhmmm...:)
Kitsune--Kami Mar 25, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
We washed all of our latex gear in catsuit cleaner / conditioner and shined them up so should look even more gleaming in the next photo shoot we do next month :D
Haustierchen Mar 26, 2012
Oh yes, my GF loves getting her shiny-shine massages when she wears her catsuit ;) I think this helps really much :D I am really looking forward to seeing some pics of your "glam shot" ;)
dirtydollbaby Mar 22, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Really lovely headgear!
Kitsune--Kami Mar 22, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
We spend ages making sure we have matching gear and gear that rocks!
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